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Moore, M.D.; Jaykus, L.-A. Development of a Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Assay for Detection of Epidemic Human Noroviruses 2017 Scientific reports 7 40244
Moorman, E.; Montazeri, N.; Jaykus, L.-A. Efficacy of Neutral Electrolyzed Water for Inactivation of Human Norovirus 2017 Applied and environmental microbiology 83
Mori, K.; Motomura, K.; Somura, Y.; Kimoto, K.; Akiba, T.; Sadamasu, K. Comparison of genetic characteristics in the evolution of Norovirus GII.4 and GII.17 2017 Journal of medical virology 89 1480-1484
Morillo, S.G.; Luchs, A.; Cilli, A.; Ribeiro, C.D.; de Cassia Compagnoli Carmona, R.; do Carmo Sampaio Tavares Timenetsky, M. Norovirus GII.Pe Genotype: Tracking a Foodborne Outbreak on a Cruise Ship Through Molecular Epidemiology, Brazil, 2014 2017 Food and environmental virology 9 142-148