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Zhou, Z.; Tian, Z.; Li, Q.; Tian, P.; Wu, Q.; Wang, D.; Shi, X. In Situ Capture RT-qPCR: A New Simple and Sensitive Method to Detect Human Norovirus in Oysters 2017 Frontiers in microbiology 8 554
Dunkin, N.; Weng, S.C.; Jacangelo, J.G.; Schwab, K.J. Inactivation of Human Norovirus Genogroups I and II and Surrogates by Free Chlorine in Postharvest Leafy Green Wash Water 2017 Applied and environmental microbiology 83
Kim, Y.W.; You, H.J.; Lee, S.; Kim, B.; Kim, D.K.; Choi, J.-B.; Kim, J.-A.; Lee, H.J.; Joo, I.S.; Lee, J.S.; Kang, D.H.; Lee, G.; Ko, G.P.; Lee, S.-J. Inactivation of Norovirus by Lemongrass Essential Oil Using a Norovirus Surrogate System 2017 Journal of food protection 80 1293-1302
Zhou, Z.; Zuber, S.; Cantergiani, F.; Butot, S.; Li, D.; Stroheker, T.; Devlieghere, F.; Lima, A.; Piantini, U.; Uyttendaele, M. Inactivation of viruses and bacteria on strawberries using a levulinic acid plus sodium dodecyl sulfate based sanitizer, taking sensorial and chemical food safety aspects into account 2017 International journal of food microbiology 257 176-182
Hill, S.E.; Poss, D.E.; Harris, S. Incidence of gastrointestinal infections among U.S. active component service members stationed in the U.S. compared to U.S. civilians, 2012-2014 2017 Msmr 24 20-25