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Hurwitz, A.M.; Huang, W.; Kou, B.; Estes, M.K.; Atmar, R.L.; Palzkill, T. Identification and Characterization of Single-Chain Antibodies that Specifically Bind GI Noroviruses 2017 PloS one 12 e0170162
Bodnar, L.; Lorusso, E.; Di Martino, B.; Catella, C.; Lanave, G.; Elia, G.; Banyai, K.; Buonavoglia, C.; Martella, V. Identification of a novel canine norovirus 2017 Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases 52 75-81
Liu, K.; Huang, S.; Miao, Z.-P.; Chen, B.; Jiang, T.; Cai, G.; Jiang, Z.; Chen, Y.; Wang, Z.; Gu, H.; Chai, C.; Jiang, J. Identifying Potential Norovirus Epidemics in China via Internet Surveillance 2017 Journal of medical Internet research 19 e282
Lindesmith, L.C.; Mallory, M.L.; Jones, T.A.; Richardson, C.; Goodwin, R.R.; Baehner, F.; Mendelman, P.M.; Bargatze, R.F.; Baric, R.S. Impact of Pre-exposure History and Host Genetics on Antibody Avidity Following Norovirus Vaccination 2017 The Journal of infectious diseases 215 984-991
Borgmastars, E.; Jazi, M.M.; Persson, S.; Jansson, L.; Radstrom, P.; Simonsson, M.; Hedman, J.; Eriksson, R. Improved Detection of Norovirus and Hepatitis A Virus in Surface Water by Applying Pre-PCR Processing 2017 Food and environmental virology 9 395-405