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Kim, D.; Lee, H.-M.; Oh, K.-S.; Ki, A.Y.; Protzman, R.A.; Kim, D.; Choi, J.-S.; Kim, M.J.; Kim, S.H.; Vaidya, B.; Lee, S.J.; Kwon, J. Exploration of the metal coordination region of concanavalin A for its interaction with human norovirus 2017 Biomaterials 128 33-43
Mori, K.; Onuki, A.; Kanou, F.; Akiba, T.; Hayashi, Y.; Shirasawa, H.; Sadamasu, K. Feasibility of viral dust infection via air movement and dispersion of dried viral particles from the floor 2017 Journal of medical virology 89 931-935
Le Mennec, C.; Parnaudeau, S.; Rumebe, M.; Le Saux, J.-C.; Piquet, J.-C.; Le Guyader, S.F. Follow-Up of Norovirus Contamination in an Oyster Production Area Linked to Repeated Outbreaks 2017 Food and environmental virology 9 54-61
La Bella, G.; Martella, V.; Basanisi, M.G.; Nobili, G.; Terio, V.; La Salandra, G. Food-Borne Viruses in Shellfish: Investigation on Norovirus and HAV Presence in Apulia (SE Italy) 2017 Food and environmental virology 9 179-186
Kitajima, M.; Iker, B.C.; Magill-Collins, A.; Gaither, M.; Stoehr, J.D.; Gerba, C.P. Genetic Analysis of Norovirus Strains that Caused Gastroenteritis Outbreaks Among River Rafters in the Grand Canyon, Arizona 2017 Food and environmental virology 9 238-240