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Raj, P.; Tay, J.; Ang, L.W.; Tien, W.S.; Thu, M.; Lee, P.; Pang, Q.Y.; Tang, Y.L.; Lee, K.Y.; Maurer-Stroh, S.; Gunalan, V.; Cutter, J.; Goh, K.T. A large common-source outbreak of norovirus gastroenteritis in a hotel in Singapore, 2012 2017 Epidemiology and infection 145 535-544
Huang, X.-Y.; Su, J.; Lu, Q.-C.; Li, S.-Z.; Zhao, J.-Y.; Li, M.-L.; Li, Y.; Shen, X.-J.; Zhang, B.-F.; Wang, H.-F.; Mu, Y.-J.; Wu, S.-Y.; Du, Y.-H.; Liu, L.-C.; Chen, W.-J.; Klena, J.D.; Xu, B.-L. A large outbreak of acute gastroenteritis caused by the human norovirus GII.17 strain at a university in Henan Province, China 2017 Infectious diseases of poverty 6 6
Johnson, J.A.; Parra, G.I.; Levenson, E.A.; Green, K.Y. A large outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, 1972 revisited: evidence for common source exposure to a recombinant GII.Pg/GII.3 norovirus 2017 Epidemiology and infection 145 1591-1596
Tin, C.M.; Yuan, L.; Dexter, R.J.; Parra, G.I.; Bui, T.; Green, K.Y.; Sosnovtsev, S.V. A Luciferase Immunoprecipitation System (LIPS) assay for profiling human norovirus antibodies 2017 Journal of virological methods 248 116-129
Moore, M.D.; Jaykus, L.-A. A plate-based histo-blood group antigen binding assay for evaluation of human norovirus receptor binding ability 2017 Analytical biochemistry 533 56-59