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Lowmoung, T.; Pombubpa, K.; Duangdee, T.; Tipayamongkholgul, M.; Kittigul, L. Distribution of Naturally Occurring Norovirus Genogroups I, II, and IV in Oyster Tissues 2017 Food and environmental virology 9 415-422 details   doi
Werneck, L.M.C.; Vieira, C.B.; Fumian, T.M.; Caetano, T.B.; Emilio Dos Santos, J.; Ferreira, F.C.; Pimenta, M.M.; Miagostovich, M.P. Dissemination of gastroenteric viruses in the production of lettuce in developing countries: a public health concern 2017 FEMS microbiology letters 364 details   doi
Fraisse, A.; Coudray-Meunier, C.; Martin-Latil, S.; Hennechart-Collette, C.; Delannoy, S.; Fach, P.; Perelle, S. Digital RT-PCR method for hepatitis A virus and norovirus quantification in soft berries 2017 International journal of food microbiology 243 36-45 details   doi
Moore, M.D.; Jaykus, L.-A. Development of a Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Assay for Detection of Epidemic Human Noroviruses 2017 Scientific reports 7 40244 details   doi
Campos, C.J.A.; Goblick, G.; Lee, R.; Wittamore, K.; Lees, D.N. Determining the zone of impact of norovirus contamination in shellfish production areas through microbiological monitoring and hydrographic analysis 2017 Water research 124 556-565 details   doi
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