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Kazama, S.; Miura, T.; Masago, Y.; Konta, Y.; Tohma, K.; Manaka, T.; Liu, X.; Nakayama, D.; Tanno, T.; Saito, M.; Oshitani, H.; Omura, T. Environmental Surveillance of Norovirus Genogroups I and II for Sensitive Detection of Epidemic Variants 2017 Applied and environmental microbiology 83
Kim, D.; Lee, H.-M.; Oh, K.-S.; Ki, A.Y.; Protzman, R.A.; Kim, D.; Choi, J.-S.; Kim, M.J.; Kim, S.H.; Vaidya, B.; Lee, S.J.; Kwon, J. Exploration of the metal coordination region of concanavalin A for its interaction with human norovirus 2017 Biomaterials 128 33-43
Kim, J.-H.; Park, J.-E.; Lin, M.; Kim, S.; Kim, G.-H.; Park, S.J.; Ko, G.P.; Nam, J.-M. Sensitive, Quantitative Naked-Eye Biodetection with Polyhedral Cu Nanoshells 2017 Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 29
Kim, Y.W.; You, H.J.; Lee, S.; Kim, B.; Kim, D.K.; Choi, J.-B.; Kim, J.-A.; Lee, H.J.; Joo, I.S.; Lee, J.S.; Kang, D.H.; Lee, G.; Ko, G.P.; Lee, S.-J. Inactivation of Norovirus by Lemongrass Essential Oil Using a Norovirus Surrogate System 2017 Journal of food protection 80 1293-1302
Kitajima, M.; Iker, B.C.; Magill-Collins, A.; Gaither, M.; Stoehr, J.D.; Gerba, C.P. Genetic Analysis of Norovirus Strains that Caused Gastroenteritis Outbreaks Among River Rafters in the Grand Canyon, Arizona 2017 Food and environmental virology 9 238-240