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Petterson, S.R.; Stenstrom, T.A.; Ottoson, J. A theoretical approach to using faecal indicator data to model norovirus concentration in surface water for QMRA: Glomma River, Norway 2016 Water research 91 31-37 details   doi
Pijnacker, R.; Mughini-Gras, L.; Vennema, H.; Enserink, R.; VAN DEN Wijngaard, C.C.; Kortbeek, T.; VAN Pelt, W. Characteristics of child daycare centres associated with clustering of major enteropathogens 2016 Epidemiology and infection 144 2527-2539 details   doi
Polo, D.; Schaeffer, J.; Fournet, N.; Le Saux, J.-C.; Parnaudeau, S.; McLeod, C.; Le Guyader, F.S. Digital PCR for Quantifying Norovirus in Oysters Implicated in Outbreaks, France 2016 Emerging infectious diseases 22 2189-2191 details   doi
Prasad, B.V.; Shanker, S.; Muhaxhiri, Z.; Deng, L.; Choi, J.-M.; Estes, M.K.; Song, Y.; Palzkill, T.; Atmar, R.L. Antiviral targets of human noroviruses 2016 Current opinion in virology 18 117-125 details   doi
Pu, J.; Kazama, S.; Miura, T.; Azraini, N.D.; Konta, Y.; Ito, H.; Ueki, Y.; Cahyaningrum, E.E.; Omura, T.; Watanabe, T. Pyrosequencing Analysis of Norovirus Genogroup II Distribution in Sewage and Oysters: First Detection of GII.17 Kawasaki 2014 in Oysters 2016 Food and environmental virology 8 310-312 details   doi
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