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Verbyla, M.E.; Symonds, E.M.; Kafle, R.C.; Cairns, M.R.; Iriarte, M.; Mercado Guzman, A.; Coronado, O.; Breitbart, M.; Ledo, C.; Mihelcic, J.R. Managing Microbial Risks from Indirect Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation in Urbanizing Watersheds 2016 Environmental science & technology 50 6803-6813 details   doi
Vergara, G.G.R.V.; Rose, J.B.; Gin, K.Y.H. Risk assessment of noroviruses and human adenoviruses in recreational surface waters 2016 Water research 103 276-282 details   doi
Verma, V.; Tan, W.; Puth, S.; Cho, K.-O.; Lee, S.E.; Rhee, J.H. Norovirus (NoV) specific protective immune responses induced by recombinant P dimer vaccine are enhanced by the mucosal adjuvant FlaB 2016 Journal of translational medicine 14 135 details   doi
Verstraeten, T.; Jiang, B.; Weil, J.G.; Lin, J.H. Modelling Estimates of Norovirus Disease in Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions 2016 PloS one 11 e0158822 details   doi
Vo, T.H.; Okasha, O.; Al-Hello, H.; Polkowska, A.; Rasanen, S.; Bojang, M.; Nuorti, J.P.; Jalava, K. An Outbreak of Norovirus Infections Among Lunch Customers at a Restaurant, Tampere, Finland, 2015 2016 Food and environmental virology 8 174-179 details   doi
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